The Indie & Co. Story

Two sisters that loved fashion, Sara and Rachel, started A Dip of
Darling. We grew up working in a family floral business. It was a
business that encouraged creativity and imagination, and we had great
success managing that business as a team. Once we were both
married and started having children of our own, our desire was to be
able to be home with them. We started out with inventory in a garage
and shipping over the kitchen counter, but quickly found more room
was necessary!

About six months into our business we were able to
find a warehouse that also had a room that could be used as a small
storefront to allow our product to be displayed. It wasn’t long after
that, that we found the need to move to a larger location. We have
been blessed with loyal clientele locally and nationwide.
In 2021, Rachel went on to new adventures while Sara decided to
rebrand A Dip of Darling into Indie & Co.

When pleasing customers and making them repeat customers, service
if key! We believe customer service helped has helped us grow. We
would say that we have been able to provide a good quality at good
prices. Indie & Co. has everyday basics but loves incorporating that
wow factor that makes our customer feel great every time she puts on
an article of clothing.

The business has had success in providing
fashionable clothing in extended sizes, which seems to be filling a
niche. It has been exciting to set goals and reach them.

We are so grateful for our customers that continue to make
this business what it is.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!